Car rolls through my fence. Wyze camera saves me on insurance claim


Seems like the pool toy sensed danger and started swimming towards the action. Wow! No problem with the insurance claim for a new fence!

Very lucky it hit neither the pump or the pool. Either would have added considerably to the damages! And of course most importantly no one appeared to be injured!

What in the world?!

Man alive…that is one bad run away car. Wyze video of the year award. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: --The Evil Car Christine is Back!–

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FENTON!!! first thing that came to mind after seeing them run after the car


What is FENTON ??

The car is like the Energizer Bunny it just keeps on going


What happened here? Who’s car is that?

I don’t know what’s funnier the fence being broken or watching the girl yell at the car like its a child not listening to her commands. Its a amazing thing those pull e-brakes.

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Was that a dog running by the diving board before the car went through? Glad it didn’t get hurt!

I believe it was a rabbit

Unfortunately hers. She left it in drive

Looked to me like it was left in reverse :thinking:


But it looks like “R” is for race

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Who is next to the diving board? Is that a cat? Look how its runs towards the pool filter for protection before the white car breaks the fence?