Can't send log files when reporting issues through Android beta app

Been having issues with this. Every time I try, the app locks up and force closes every single time. Haven’t been able to send a log file in probably a week or more. Not really sure what to do other than remove and reinstall the app. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What OS?
What memory do you have available?
Do you have really LARGE log files in the WyzePlatformKit directory (that it might be trying to send)?

Same. Running nougat 7.0 and oreo 8.0 on my tablet and phone. It would crash after hitting submit.

Android 8.0 on Galaxy S7 with plenty of memory, I’m sure. I don’t know how big the files are. Haven’t located any.

Also just noticed that of all of the support tickets I’ve sent in needing support, I’ve never received a single reply after the automated reply you get immediately afterward.

Check for the directory mentioned above.

I’ve not only received replies. I received a replacement cam at the end of May for one that had a stuck filter.

Could you please post your support ticket numbers on here so I can try to get Wyze eyes on them?