Cant get bulb to linkup to app

originally when bulb first came out it was easy to link up to the app.
now they changed the app so you have to type in your wifi name and password (mine is long.very long) and then … when i go to link up to the bulb wifi nothing happens. tried it many times on three different bulbs.
cannot get them linked up… also if you have more than one bulb it is hard to tell which bulb is linked to which bulb wifi… nothing on the bulb itself to help.

i just bougtt them for the vacation mode and about ready to go back to the old timers

Do you already have Wyze bulbs that are working? The way the post reads is that you already have bulbs and are re setting these up? Or setting up new bulbs?
How long is it? How many characters? The new limit in the current firmware is 31 characters. If yours is longer, you’ll have to shorten it. Are you connected to the correct wifi when you do the setup? Mine has always populated on its own. I don’t know if that’s an Android vs iOS thing though.

I took a sharpie and marked near the Wyze logo on my bulbs where I wanted them to go during setup. “GW” for garage West, “GE” for garage East, “FD” for front door. Just because they come all the same doesn’t mean you are dead in the water. :slight_smile: also you should only set up one at a time so during install you will only see one “wyzebulbwifi” at a time.

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21 characters for wifi network and 9 for password… it worked when you could just choose your network and didnt need to enter it…

. re setting up two bulbs. one new.