Canon Now has the Best Night Vision Camera, If you can afford it 🤣

Canon came out with a new night vision camera, if you got the money :money_mouth_face:

And it will still need a lense to boot $$$

The big deal is that this new technology will trickle down to the consumer level products


$25,000.00 and Lenses extra. :astonished: To expensive for watching critters. I’ll just keep my old WCO and V3/V3 Pro cams.


MS-500” Decoded:

Military Specification, pay what the Government pays: 500 times what it should cost.

How subtle.

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‘MSNBC’ decoded? :upside_down_face:

Go ahead. School me. Never watched it again after they cancelled Donahue.

Yep. Kind of a turning point.

I doubt most know or remember it even happened.

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:rofl::rofl: So Whyze will build it for $50 :rofl::rofl:

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Though you may have moved on to other products by then… Will you buy Wyze Labs (WYZE) when they go public? :woozy_face: :smile:

We could make a killing if the sizzle don’t fizzle! :mega: :money_mouth_face:

Expensive and no Canon Plus Lite