Cannot log in! iOS 14.1

Error saying unable to connect to the server.
Cant sign in and therefore cannot view my Wyze cam. Help please!!

Same problem :frowning:

Was having the same issue or when I entered the 2FA code it would route back to the login screen. I restarted my phone which didn’t initially help. 5 or 6 attempts before I restarted and I was finally able to login on the third attempt after restarting.
Hope this helps.

Same thing here. After finally getting in. It’s not syncing my cams or bulbs to let me control them

I am having very similar issues.
It could be a server issue - I keep getting different error messages on different apps.
However, if this is your first time logging in under IOS14.1 try going to Settings/Wifi/(Your Wifi Name). Tap the Info icon next to the wifi name and turn off the setting for Private Address. This is a new setting and can cause problems on home wifi.

Known Isue


Just got that. Thanks!