Cannot connect new cameras to office wifi through app because of home wifi

I have V2, V3, and Pan at my home. My office purchased V3 cameras for an eye at night on the property. The problem is, I cannot use my iphone app to setup the cameras. I had to use a coworker’s but would like it on my phone since I am over the ‘security’. At work, my phone is connected to the work wifi but is not showing up on the app. Has anyone else experienced this? My home cameras work perfectly.

did you connect the cameras to the correct Wyze account?

I had to create a new account on a coworker’s phone in order to get the cameras to recognize the wifi.
So, If I have two structures with different wifi, I cannot have both sets of cameras on my app? Or will I have to log out and create a new account for the second set of cameras? That makes more sense. I’ll try it tomorrow.

It has NOTHING to do with the two locations and two WiFi networks. It has EVERYTHING to do with having two separate accounts.

There is no reason you couldn’t have added the office cameras to your personal account (work permitting) using your own phone, even though they are in two places on two different WiFi networks.

You can reset the cameras and add them to your own account.

But you could have, and can (again, if you and the employer agree to).

If you keep the separate accounts you can still share the office cameras to your home account.

There really isn’t a problem here…

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Does the work wifi have any port blocking or restrictions on the system network? As long as you are logged in on your account, you can have devices on many different locations and different wifi systems will show.

None of your home devices show up on your app when you are connected to the work wifi? If you disable wifi and go just mobile data do they show back up at work? Have you tried restarting the app or restarting your phone? Your devices should populate.


Because they created a new account, you will not be able to access them, if you think you need to use a different phone to get a camera to setup, you need to log into your own account to do so. You will have to reset all the cameras, and set the up again with your own account.

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I assume you aren’t over cyber security. :slight_smile:

  • Reset the camera.
  • Connect your phone to the office Wifi.
  • Turn off your iPhone mobile data.
  • Setup your camera.