Can there be a WYZE Cam 3 since they don't make cams

Just curious since Tianjin Hualai Technology actually makes the cams then WYZE alters the software will there be a hardware updated cam - ever? I have zero knowledge on the actual relationship the WYZE & Tianjin have - Can / Will WYZE have a new physical cam at any point. I believe the existing cams have pretty much reached the limits of the internal hardware.
Anyone know ?

Wyze will not likely share this information until such a camera is well into development. However, if you check out the #roadmap category, you will see that an outdoor camera is in testing and a doorbell camera is in development.

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I disagree, they will probably release something like that JUST AFTER I BUY ANOTHER WHOLE BUNCH OF V2 CAMS!!!


I know what you mean - You should buy a bunch now so the rest of us can buy a V3 cam LOL


Typically, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to increase the flash and memory size.
You usually can buy the larger size (not physical size) part, which would allow them to add more features to the product.
I wasn’t around the Wyze world for v1, but presumably that is what happened. They were able to bump up the size of flash and/or memory, and then were able to get more features implemented.
I would hope they would do this for a V3, mostly because I would love to see RTSP be a feature that just carries along, and isn’t split off like they are talking about.

But they don’t actually make the cams, so they (wyze) can’t just make changes. Wyze buys the cam from Tianjin Hualai Technology - Wyze does the software part.
And I could be totally wrong - that wouldn’t be new.

You are kinda both right and wrong. While the hardware is manufactured by a third party supplier, there are customizations of the hardware that are unique and specific to Wyze.

5 more on the way.

5 more on the way for outdoor.