Can the Home Monitoring be used on a RV

My wife and I are going to be retiring soon and are planning on being full time RV’ers. Will the Home Monitoring work for someone that is constantly on the move? We may stay in one place for awhile but then at other times we may be in a different state every night, would this service still work for us?

Welcome to the Wyze community @F1rehawksteve!
As long as you have power and internet access the sensors will work. You’ll need to hard-wire the base to a router or switch for setup. The part that may not work is the monitoring and emergency dispatch service. You will have to update your address when you move to a new location. There is also other possibilities that may cause issues.
Let’s see what other community members say, but you may want to ask support specifically about the monitoring service and if it will work for your use.