Can’t share video clip

I recorded a video clip based off an event my camera recorded. Now I’m trying to share it with a friend but when I hit the Share icon, nothing is happening!

Do you mean this Share icon within the Events clips?

No within the Album section.

How large are these video clips as well? I finally was able to save a short 30 second video clip to my camera roll. I tried to send it via iMessage and it never went through. It just stayed stuck as if I was trying to send some bluray sized vid clip!

I have never looked at the Album section. :slight_smile:
Never even knew what it was for.

I just tried it and Share worked for me.
Android app, v2.10.41 beta.

In my test a 49 second HD video was a bit over 5 MB, so about 1 MB per 10 second video.