Can protect myself against wifi “jammers”(blockers)?

I suspect that some neighbors are using wifi “jammers” when they pass by my cameras. The picture skips or blacks out mid-record. How can I protect myself from invasion?

If they are using real WiFi jammers you can’t directly protect from it. However depending on your local laws their use of a jammer may be illegal. You need to check with an attorney.

Your other recourse is to use continuous recording to SD card. That would not be affected by a jammer.

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they are federally illegal ( even to own or possess) per the FCC. and a jammer is considered anything that can block or jam any communications signals. Wifi would definately be included in that. its a matter of proving one is being used and showing intent. I’m not even really sure how to go about making sure a jammer is being used in the vicinity. I’m guessing you would need a frequency reader of some sort. but thats a big ball of worms.

and as for citing my source :slight_smile: on that page you will also find a link to file a complaint if you feel the need.

FCC communications jamming info

The hard part would be proving it. In a way that would be admissible in court and could be used to identify the users. YouTube and Amazon are full of the components and kits along with instructions on how to make them. A really good one that can block 2.5/5 WiFi as well as Bluetooth and most cellular frequencies costs about $30 USD and takes 10 minutes to assemble.

Hardwire to nvr would not be affected by a jammer. Because they are not Wi-Fi to the recording source. only Wi-Fi camera’s are affected. Some jammers will freeze camera and others will distort recordings, large gaps in recordings. May even destory sd card in camera. Mainly as yet 2.4 G is affected with Wpa2. Wpa3 as i have read is not affected yet.