Can I use a separate monitor?

From my research, you have to be a tech genius to put wyze on ur pc. I want to be able to monitor the cameras at all times (up to 4). Can I get a tablet or an echo show? Which device, if any, would allow to see 4 cameras on one screen? If it were on another monitor, could I still use the app when i’m not home? Tia

You can create camera groups then view the groups on any Android / iOS drvice, phone or tablet. In landscape orientation you can see 4 cameras at once.

I don’t know whst you mean by this.
The method I described is using the WYZE app. It works anywhere.


Microsoft is working on a Android interface for Windows 10. Sounds like it might be out the end of the year.


Yes, you can, but not on a PC without using an emulator or the RTSP firmware.
For example, I have android tablets mounted on our kitchen an living room walls and using the Wyze app, I display my front yard/driveway V2 camera 24/7. Using the Wyze app, I could group up to 4 cameras and display them all at once. Another option with android tablets is the TinyCam Pro app which works with Wyze cameras and will also display multiple cameras at once.

Sorry I meant could I switch to the app on my phone from the tablet so i don"t have to bring the tablet with me when I go out? I’d use the tablets as monitors. Are you able to have the app on multiple media devices ?

You can install the Wyze App on any IOS or Android Device, and just login and see your cameras. It’s not locked to one viewing device.

When I am waiting for a delivery I’ve got the Wyze App open on my tablet in my office, but if I go out to the backyard I open the Wyze App on my phone.

Like @Activoice said, yes, you can have the WYZE app on as many devices as you like.
Phones, Tablets, Emulators, Android, iOS doesn’t matter.

Hello all! This thread is as close as I could find to answering my question about when you are displaying multiple cameras (up to 4) on a device, which camera’s sound/audio is coming through? Asked another way; how is the dominant camera determined? (I’m planning on using this in multiple kids rooms and was hoping when voice - more likely crying baby- occurs…it will be that audio that is transmitted. And then when the toddler calls out for his drink, blanket, bathroom needs, etc., etc that that audio/voice will be the one to transmit to our device). Any chance someone can explain how the audio function on multi- camera live streaming would operate? Any insight is appreciated.

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I have no idea which camera gets priority or even if sound comes through at all when viewing multiple cameras. Have you got cameras now? Try it and tell us. :smiley:

Can you specifically tell me how please. I kissy bought a tablet for this purpose, but cannot find the wyze app for my tablet.

Basically just go to the play store and download the same Wyze app that you have on your phone. It’s not optimized for a tablet but it will (should) work, and do the 4-up grid for groups OK.

If the official play store give you any grief, you can download the APK installer for the app from a reputable alternative site and install it manually. Here are two sites:

Here’s how to “sideload” the downloaded APK

Which tablet?


I would not relly on these camera to monitor for my kids safety. To have an eye over fine, not otherwise. I could retest, the last time, I played with them it was the last one that I worked on that was active. I do not use often the audio since my wifi is not at it best to stream or the camera…So the sound is crappy, no blame on camera untill I resolve my wifi coverage…