Can I stream on Twitch?

I’ve found that a good use for my Wyze cam would be to use it to stream on Twitch. So I set it up, but I don’t see a way to stream it online. Am I missing something, or is that impossible to do? Thanks.

At least at this time, no way to do it.

Got to use the Android or iOS app to watch.


The best work around I’ve found does require a desktop or laptop interface - using the Android emulator Bluestacks, you can download the Wyze app and view your cameras via a desktop. Then using OBS Studio as your streaming platform, you can create a Scene with a Window Capture source set to the Wyze Cam window and then position the window however you like within the OBS software before and while streaming. Super intuitive and straightforward!

RTMP or TinyCam might let you stream. Both can be complex to set up for other apps to use. Your stream would also involve several processing steps to get there.

If you time is worth anything at all to you, it might be worth it to get a camera meant for Twitch streaming, or use your phone.