Can I purchase a 2nd starter kit with a year of monitoring and add it to my existing account?

I recently purchased a starter kit with 1 year of monitoring. Now that I have it set up I’d like to add an additional keypad, more sensors and motion detectors. Can I purchase a second “package” with the starter kit and 1 year monitoring and add it to my exisiting account? That is, can I add the hardware to my exsisting system and add the year montitoring to my existing account so I have paid for 2 years?

At the moment you can have only one hub in your account for Home Monitoring. I have seen many posts from people wanting to do this for their main home and for second homes. There should be a wish list item for this.

I do not intend to use the 2nd hub, With the discounts offered, the 2 sensors, 1 motion detector, kepad, along with 1 cam plus year and 1 year of monitoring cost me less than $86 with tax. If I lose the extra year of monitoring and cam plus for 1 camera, it’s more sensible to just purchase the hardware. But if I can add the monoring on to my account, it’s a great deal…

Certainly a question for Wyze. I can see the logic to your plan but don’t know if it will work that way.