CamPlus 'person detection' confusing wording - AI requires more money?

Can anyone please explain why the camplus wording alludes to the fact that the service will recognise people - yet the service only appears to be functioning if you pay more for the ‘Pro’ version (almost no point in using outside of the USA)

You are correct that last I heard the intent is to limit “Friendly Faces” (Face detection) to just Cam Plus Pro.

Now that Cam Plus Pro is officially launched to everyone as of today I would not be surprised if this feature (“Friendly Faces” [Face Detection]) does soon get fully limited to just Cam Plus Pro (though some people have been able to use it with some cams with just regular Cam Plus up to now).

Some Wyze Employees have indicated that they are hopeful some improvements in their cloud pipeline will make it possible to allow this for regular Cam Plus as well, but we haven’t heard much more than a simple maybe/hope/will-look-into-it type of thing. I think the above was written before the decision came down to probably limit it to Cam Plus Pro.

EDIT: See Jason’s response below, Wyze does intend to make Friendly Faces/Face Detection available for Cam Plus eventually too! :heart_eyes:

I am confused.

CamPlus ‘person detection’ confusing wording - AI requires more money?

I have CamPlus and Person Detection is working fine.

Is this about Friendly Faces detection (from the screenshot) or Person Detection (from the title and post)?

To clarify, Cam Plus DOES include Person detection

Cam Plus does not [yet] OFFICIALLY include Facial detection (Friendly Faces), and while some people can use it currently, it is possible that facial detection might not work on cam plus cams at some point in the future, but person detection WILL continue to work either way.

The confusion is that this website section talking specifically only about Cam Plus has a phrase on it that says: “Soon Wyze AI will even help your cams recognize the FACES of the people you care about.” Implying that since this page is about cam plus, that this feature will be available for anyone with regular cam plus too, when it may be limited to those with Cam Plus Pro. Both use Wyze AI, but the Face Detection feature, called “Friendly Faces” is planned to be Cam Plus Pro only.

EDIT: See Jason’s response below, Friendly Faces/Face Detection will be coming to Original Cam Plus too.


Thanks! That clarifies it perfectly!

Understand now.

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Welcome to the community and thank you for bringing this up, we are still intending to bring Friendly Faces to Cam Plus. I do not have an ETA for when this will happen though.


This is SOOO cool to hear! Thanks for sharing Jason! I am glad Wyze found a way to make this feature able to be used with regular Cam Plus too! This is definitely my favorite news of the week. :smiley: