Cameras Not Recording Events and Not Recording to SD Card

Yes, I am having the same issues with my three cameras. The events show on the time line as shaded green but they will not play back.

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Hello @steve.carrigan, do all three of these cameras have the same brand and class micro SD card inside?

No, two of them have Wyze cards and one has a Sandisk I think. All are 32 cards though. The cameras worked at first then stopped about two weeks or so ago when I first noticed it.

Have you tried reformating the cards from inside of the Wyze app for each camera?

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I did reformat the card on one camera but it did not help. I will try that again today on all three. Thank you for your support.

Were your cameras set to continuous or event only recording? What was your sensitivity setting on the front and back cameras? Which model cameras were in front vs back?

Even with event only recording there should have been a full minute of backyard footage on the SD card or were you only checking the Events page (12 second videos) for movement? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of “frames” being dropped.

I would say give that a go, then if that doesn’t fix the issue come back and let me know.

I have reverted a v2 cam to V4.9.2.42 firmware and a Pan to v4.10.1.40 and set them both to event-only recording. Neither camera is sending push notifications of events, unfortunately, but I can still play back the recorded segments with motion events. Not as convenient as it used to be, but it works.

I bought a competitor’s camera to see if there might be advantages to switching brands. It was as easy to set up as a Wyze cam, and the app seems a little easier to learn. It uses a different motion-detection method, one that might work better for most of what I’m doing, and it sends push notifications, like my Wyze cameras once did. It also has an adjustment for the length of the cool-down period for push notifications, which might be useful. There’s a browser version of the app, too.

I really liked the push notifications my Wyze cams used to send, but I haven’t been able to get that back. I’m willing to keep trying, but it’s hard enough justifying the time I’ve already spent working on them. It’s possible that the right combination of firmware and app version would get them working the way they did last fall, but maybe there’s something else out there that works out of the box the way my Wyze cameras did until January.

I’m having trouble with connecting. It either doesn’t connect at all or if it does it drops out. They send me alerts and I can see those, but it’s only 12 seconds which is not very long.

Hello @sgoldenox, does the router and the camera have a good connection strength? Do you have an microSD card installed to the camera?

When I look to see, they do. And, yes, they all do.

I would recommend that you try restarting the cameras that are showing signs of the issue through the Wyze app and if the motion alerts aren’t long enough for you I recommend toggling on “Continuous recording” inside of the device settings.

Actually I’ve restarted the cameras several times.
I’ve turned off one to see if the other 3 would connect better, but it still showed connected if I checked on my WiFi app so I just deleted one completely. I’ve also switched them to 360p cause it keeps telling me that the connection is unstable. It’s also very difficult to understand conversations on playback when it works.

Can you try out these steps and see if they help you out if not can you come back and let me know?

Here’s the link to troubleshooting steps

I tried the playback feature on the cameras before reformatting the memory cards and now they all seem to work. Not sure what has changed since yesterday but it is for the good. Did Wyze do a software bug fix by any chance? Any way, thank you for your support.

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Great that it was able to resolve itself, hopefully you don’t run into anymore problems moving forward. :grin:

Wyze is always implementing bug fixes, so make sure that you stay updated to the latest firmware and app versions.

Yes I’m having similar issues broken sections of recordings

Are all your SD cards the same brand? Try another brand of micro SD card. I’ve had problems with some cheap brands of cards. Now I’ll only use good brand name cards from reputable resellers, Got burned before, too many fake garbage cards on e-bay, alibaba, etc. I like the Class 10/U1 or faster cards with the A2 rating. You could get lucky with a cheap card but they usually just don’t last in write endurance when used with continuous recording.

I am having the same issue, I have 3 cameras set to cover the driveway and front yard, and each detection zone is set, movement setting is at 100%, and I only record events to the Cloud. I went around to each area verifying on my phone that the green movement tracker was following me for each camera and when I went to events only one camera recorded an event…

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I m having the same problem -was getting events for first couple days installed and then hit and miss (mostly miss). Ready to send back. Disgusting performance!!!

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