Cameras banned by NDAA

According to the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), certain security cameras made in China are not allowed for use by government contractors and others:,%20which,of%20certain%20video%20surveillance%20cameras%20manufactured%20in%20China

Is the Wyze Pan Cam banned?

I would think customs would size them if it were an issue, and that someone in the Wyze legal department has done a lot of homework.

No, the wyze cameras are not banned. The NDAA restriction applies to cameras made by Hikvision and Dahua. From what I understand, Wyze V1, V2, and Pan are made by Xiaomi, and I think wyze is actually the OEM for the V3.

Sounds like maybe they are:

although there are of course lawsuits reported out there.

It’s tricky. Wyze /posters have said a few times that Xioami is NOT the OEM for Wyze, but rather that they share a single OEM for some products.

This is just an investment ban, not a device ban like the Hikvision and Dahua bans are. The only thing this blocks is Americans from owning stock in Xioami.

This is correct Xioami and Wyze use the same OEM, Wyze does not get them from Xioami.


The OEM is TianJin HuaLai Technology Co then?

According to the FCC documentation, the wyze pan uses an Ingenic T20 soc and realtek wifi chip, both of which should be immune from the NDAA regulations.

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That is probably correct HuaLai sounds familiar

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