Cameras and sensors disappeared from phone app

Today I opened my app on my Android phone and was asked to login. My old password didn’t work so I clicked on ‘forgot password.’ After entering the code and entering new password none of my cameras, sensors or contacts appeared on the app. I am still getting notifications but none of the cameras etc. are visable or accessible. I’ve rebooted the phone and uninstalled/reinstalled the WYZE app. No change.
I have one camera off site in another state so not wanting to ‘add devices’ as the app is wanting. Any thoughts?

Numerous people are reporting this. The common solution appears to be logout of the app and restart your phone. When your phone restarts log back into the app.


Problem fixed. Some time later I opened the app to find a notice from Wyze indicating an issue with users who had recently linked the cameras thru an outside apps like Alexa. I had not but all my wyze products were again visable.

Thanks for the replies.