Camera works fine but not in test of rule

Starting point - my camera is set up fine and detects motion and notifies me when do something. To run a rule test, I turn off motion detection and the a create a rule to turn motion detection on one minute from now and the turn it back off a few minutes later, When the time comes, the motion detection turns on. I get no motion detection or notification when I should (using the same ‘action’ as a few minutes ago). When the end action occurs motion detection is turned off. No events or videos are created either. So the rule is working except for no detection and notification or videos created. I create d this test because I saw no notification or videos when my regular rules were used. The regular rules are to turn MD on at 11:00 PM and off at 7:00 AM. I just dont want the camera used during the day to waste battery life. What am I doing wrong? This was way easier with my previous Reolink Argus 2 cameras. You just created a simple schedule to use the camera during what hours and left everything set according. The same applies to my second camera.

Sorry that was a Wyze Outdoor Camera.