Camera is speaking a foreign language. How do I change it?

I just received another Wyze camera but it is speaking a foreign language and I cannot get it connected. How can I change it back to english?


I had that too I don’t think there’s a way to change it yet.

I’d suggest you follow up directly with
There have been past posts about needing a replacement shipped out,.

Well, just had the same… it speaks chinese… and it was advertised as a Wyze… but… we got scammed. It is a MI product… and is by far not the product we hoped for. WyzeCam confirmed. So reported the scam to Amazon where this was bought from (Marketplace)


You are correct it is not a wyze product.
It is unfortunate that this kind of thing happens but live and learn I guess

Looks like I’ve bought a dud Chinese copy also from Amazon. Speaks Chinese and cannot get it to setup!