Cam V3 audio questions

How do i control the Mic a d audio with my new Cam v3 ?

There is nothing in the User Startup instructions. Can an approved remote user speak to the Cam remotely?

Is it the v3?, Or the pan v3?

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The Mic and the Speaker are both controlled thru the Live Stream screen for each of the cams in question (you tagged your post PanV3 but titled it V3)

On the V3 Cam, the “Sound” activates the mic on the cam so you can hear the audio feed thru the speaker on your phone. The volume is controlled by your phone. The “Speak” activates the speaker on the cam so that you can talk thru your phone mic to the cam. There is no volume control for this.

On the PanV3, these same two buttons appear as Overlay Dwell buttons on the Video image. You have to tap the video image to get them to appear and they will dwell there for a set time before disappearing again. They perform the same functions.

Yes. The user who installed the cam to their account as well as anyone who has access as a Shared User (you shared the cam with their account) has access and control of these toggle buttons. If they can Live Stream the cam, they can talk and listen.

Additionally, in the Advanced Settings of each of my v3 cameras, you can toggle on or off “Record Sounds”.