Cam Unlimited Pro

anyone know of the features and price of this new service coming? On feature listed is 24hr web recording

$9.99 a month is what I see under my account. I didn’t request this additional service so I’m not paying for it!

they should do $99 once time payment for lifetime plan to attract customers.

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This sounds about right. They took away the 24/7 and 30 days plan, so they could raise the price on something else, while what they left in its place doesn’t work and not worth a penny in my opinion, and they still haven’t reimbursed me yet for those months, although they did get the unlimited part to attach to my cameras. My cam unlimited hasn’t worked since around middle of January 2024. As of about a week ago they somehow change my settings every day or a few hours after I reset to what they should be. I have sd cards in most of my 13 cameras so I can record 24/7, which is what has happened since I started with my first one in December 2021, and what I purchased as. So I could watch my dogs, then to see people too so as to not wake anybody up with a phone call. As much as they’re making from us you’d think they would be interested in keeping us happy instead of jacking the price every email they send, IMO.