Cam Protect v. HMS

Does anyone have any opinions on using CamPortect over HMS or vice-versa? Is one better than the other?

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I have the HMS. Because I have the HMS, I can’t have Cam Protect so I have never used it.

Naturally, based on my own ignorance of Cam Protect, I vote HMS.

But, IMO, the HMS allows for a more comprehensive security posture. If I remember correctly, there was a limit to the number of Cam Protect cams that can be subscribed but this might have changed. I think Cam Protect is also directed more toward indoor cams rather than outdoor cams that may be more prone to seeing people like the mailman, the Amazon driver, etc. I only have outdoor cams, all on Cam Plus.

The HMS is fully scalable. Add as many contact sensors for doors and windows as you need, motion sensors in every room. It also has Environmental Monitoring thru Noonlight. Freeze Protection using the Climate Sensors and Leak Protection with Leak Sensors. Cam Protect can’t do that. You can put keypads at every entry with multiple PINS for each family member and use Rules to trigger other Wyze Devices when the HMS changes Modes. With the HMS, you get 3 modes, Disarmed, Away, and Home (bedtime). Sensors can be designated On Duty and Off Duty in each of the Home and Away states separately. I think Cam Protect only gives you Armed and Disarmed. I don’t think it allows for an Armed state while you are Home like the HMS does.

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