Cam Plus Unlimited (Bulk option) - Discussion

I found an applicable thread on Reddit; a text excerpt with links are at bottom of this message.

Thanks for this thread! This offer was PERFECT timing for me! I had 8 Cam Plus annual licenses set to renew in just 3 days. I successfully added a Cam Plus Unlimited subscription for roughly the same price, but now I can apply it to all 16 of my cameras.

Afterwards I cancelled my non-unlimited subscription and will get a prorated refund of $0.64.

I sent an email to the address provided during the livestream and just received a response. I was able to sign-up for the unlimited (actually 99 licenses) plan for $99 ($8.25/mo). The links they provided in the email, only available for a limited time (or perhaps limited number of users?):

Unlimited Yearly

Unlimited Monthly


You rock! Thank you very much. Had 13 of my 19 cams on Plus. This is great!

I missed out. Links don’t seem to work today. :frowning:

Or maybe it is just me?

You’re right. I just tried it and neither worked. Logged in to wyze first just to make sure that wasn’t necessary prior to using the link and that failed too.
Sorry. Looks like I barely made it last night.

How do you sign up? I never received any notice and would be interested.

Yeah, the links are dead. They sent me an email about this, but apparently it was way too much work to put the expiration date in the email. I kept putting off signing up because their website is such a pain in the ass on a mobile device, but today I finally decided I better get it done. Of course, the links no longer work. I’m totally aggravated at this point.

Really hope they bring this back again.

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Well, you know, if it makes them some money, most likely they will. Simple math.

Employee: Hey boss ! We made a bucket load of green with that 99 for $99 deal. Wanna do it again, huh?
Boss: No, we don’t want to make money. We don’t need it. It was fun to do it once just to tease them.

Hope they offer this again soon
$99/yr. For 99 licenses compares to their competitors

Ring Protect Plus is basically the same for $100/yr

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Actually it is not the same. Besides covering the recording aspects like cam plus they also include home monitoring for the ring alarm. Free replacement if an outside device gets stolen and the best part IMO unlimited warranty on all devices. If a device fails you get a free replacement. Sure Ring devices cost more but factor in each cam and the cost of regular price Cam Plus over the life span of the device and there is not much of a difference. I have a mix of both Ring and Wyze and subscribe to Ring Protect Plus. To be honest with 10 plus of each I wouldn’t subscribe to Cam Plus unless they continue to offer a reasonable priced unlimited plan.

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Just got the email that unlimited cam+ is available again for the next week


Thanks very much for posting this. I didn’t get an email this time, but the links posted further up in this thread worked for me.


Interesting, I hardly ever get Wyze spam but just got an e-mail message " Cam Plus Unlimited is back for one week only!".


They said they needed to run the numbers on the first test and see if it was sustainable and then would add more again later. I’m just surprised they reopened it so soon, though it’s again temporary.

I think I helped their numbers, because I got in on the last opening, but I haven’t YET added a ton of cameras because I’m still using a very limited Comcast bandwidth, and haven’t set up all my cameras at my new house yet…though I should have Fiber installed/activated next week and will add almost all my cams to it then. So they probably saw there were a bunch of people in the last group that didn’t use up as much as they possibly feared.

It could also be an indication that they’ve finished some upgrade they told me about in the last AMA. They said something about some upgrade they were working on that would make their cloud bandwidth costs drop significantly soon, so maybe that’s part of what’s going on.

Customer must have me ignored, they like to repeat my posts, haha

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Anyone having problems with the server from the Unlimited Cam Plus email? I try and get a “We’re having trouble finding that site” message in firefox.

Try one of these links:

I just tested on my Wife’s account and it is working for her account right now (I already have it on my account)

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ALL RIGHT !!. That Worked !! Thanks very much @carverofchoice. I was confident this group (such as yourself) would have an answer. You folks always seem to do so.

Much appreciated.


It looks like the link is giving off a 504 timeout error before the end date of September 4th. Tried multiple browsers and devices with different internet providers. Sadly no longer working from what I can see

They were having server issues today. Maybe they still are. I’d try again tomorrow.