Cam Plus Unlimited (Bulk option) - Discussion

Thank you sir!

I signed up as well. Best investment. I paid for a year subscription which included 7 Camera’s. This was $105 per year. I left a few additional cameras off of CamPlus as I did not want to increase the cost at this time. I signed up for a year, received the credit to my CC for the balance of my previous subscription and they automatically applied the other credit I had on my account already. Now all of my cameras have CamPlus and I am paying less per year. Just means more money for Wyze Products. :rofl:

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Same – never thought to look there either. :). But signed up for the $99 / year.

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I really don’t use CamPlus much, but for that price, I would be interested - EXCEPT that every camera that I can load RTSP firmware has RTSP firmware and with the RTSP firmware, you can’t use CamPlus. One of the few things that you do lose by loading RTSP firmware.

Sigh. It used to work. I thought they were merely threatening to remove it. It turned out the conflict / resource contention wasn’t even a real problem. :frowning:

I was originally going to try some cams on RTSP to be able to do some personalized object detection situations for things Cam Plus didn’t offer, but man, after getting clarification on the Wyze Anything Recognition, I am thinking I’ll just stick with solely using all my cams on Wyze’s AI from now on:

Basically, Wyze is going to let us all individually customize and train the AI to detect anything we want, object or situation/condition. I am very excited for this and now VERY HAPPY I signed up for this Cam Plus Unlimited…I mean I can customize and train every single camera to recognize anything I want specific to my situation or that cam’s situation. The possibilities are limitless, and I am definitely going to want to have unlimited (up to 99) cams able to do this. That is way better than anything the competition is offering. This Unlimited plan just INSTANTLY GOT A WHOLE LOT MORE VALUABLE to me! I am excited…hope it doesn’t take too long…WyzeShawn said something about watch for a huge announcement later this year, which would be awesome.

I guess I’m not in the small group. :frowning:

Who do we email or can someone pm me the link please. Thanks!

As an update, I was able to get a credit, so I am very happy with the customer service.


Very cool, I will nicely ask too, and still not be upset if they tell me no.

Did you cancel the subscriptions yourself then ask for the credit or did you have them also cancel for you?

Is it still possible to sign up? Thank you!!!

Hello- Is it still possible to sign up? Can anyone let me know how and where to go to sign up? Thank you!!!

Same questions, how do I sign up? 16 cameras in 3 locations. It would be very helpfull

I heard from another forum member that Wyze customer service says it closed the CamPlus Unlimited yesterday.

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You lucked out my friend, I sent a similar nice email to customer service, and asked for a credit for the remaining time to be credited (toward my CPUnlimited subscription) since it made them obsolete and was logically more of an UPGRADE than a cancelation.

But they told me they are not allowed to do that and no matter what those 5 subscriptions (Black Friday Promo) will remain active on my account until the End of November without credit.

Ah well, it was worth a try. I thought it sounded logical to view them as being upgraded rather than canceled, but they did not share my interpretation. It’s all good, like I said, I basically got a free V3 out of it anyway, so now it just ends up being like I got a discount on the V3 instead of a free one, but it was still a good deal and one I went into with informed consent that I couldn’t cancel…I was just hoping the perspective of it being an “upgrade” not a “cancelation” would make them consider allowing an exception. No go for me though.

Thank you for the response!

I did the same thing and never heard back from them either. Would have loved to have tried it

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People in reddit were reporting that it was still working for them yesterday, a few people signed up. Not sure why some are having problems and others are able to sign up, but apparently there were some new signups as of at least yesterday morning.

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yeah, the links appear to still be valid

Where are the links located? I cannot find them. Thank you