Cam Plus - Camera not displaying to activate

I just subscribed to Cam Plus for 5 cameras. Only 4 cameras displayed, which I have assigned. I have 1 subscription license ready to be assigned; however, my 5th camera is not displaying. The 5th camera is active and updated within the app. Anybody ever had this issue?

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The camera that does not show in the list can you tell me what type of camera that is and the specific version of the firmware that is installed on it?

@WyzeJasonJ the camera is an indoor Pan Cam and the version is

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Please update the firmware to the latest version ( that should solve your problem. Also, if you have any cameras that need to be updated, update those too.

Could you double check the firmware, the firmware is for a v1 cam, that would not run on a pan. The current version for the pan is the one that @Brlepage pointed out. The current version for a v1 is, but v1 does not work with cam plus. That would be why it is not showing.

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I’m having same issue with my cam pan camera firmware trying to add cam plus subscription,but showing no camera to install it to.