Cam Pan v3 - cam should remain fixed when 'Off'

The Cam Pan V3: ‘Off’ and ‘Privacy Mode’ is the same thing.
*Please seperate the functions.

The cam turns upside down and goes into Privacy Mode, when I just want to turn the video feed ‘Off’, BUT leave it pointing at the front driveway, as ‘if’ it is still ‘On’, for security reasons.

*Please adjust the Firmware to leave the Cam Pan in its last position, but just power down the video feed when ‘Off’ is selected… not flip it up into Privacy Mode …which is a security issue, as now someone can tell that the cam is actually Off from a distance.

If i wanted the Cam Pan to flip upside down and go into Privacy Mode, and look obviously Off… I would select ‘Privacy Mode’.

To what are you wanting to stop the video feed?

When you close the cam in the app, the P2P Live stream session is terminated. If you turn off Event Recording, which can be automated by Rules, the video uploads to the cloud are terminated. SD Card Recordings, however, have to be turned off individually for each cam.

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You don’t seem to comprehend the post. All cams other then pancam ‘could’ be On amd recording ar any time. An observer can’t tell if the other cams are On or Off, if you have the cam record light ‘off’. The pancam flips up and closes… which is obviously not recording. Re read the post.

You don’t seem to comprehend my question.

You stated:

I get it that you want the cam to stay in the on position when you turn it off. That is quite easily comprehendible. That wasn’t the subject of my question.

Turn Off the video feed to what? What video feed is it that you are wanting to avoid by turning it off?

  1. Turning off Event Recording stops all video feed to the cloud

  2. Turning off SD Recording stops all video feed to the SD Card

  3. Closing the cam in the app stops all P2P video feed to the Live Stream.

Even when you turn off all the other cams that you referenced, they are still on, drawing the same amount of power they were when they were on. The camera is still powered and connected to the WiFi. In fact, the PanV3 is in that state also when it is in Privacy Mode. Turning cams off does not disconnect the cams from the WiFi or the cloud.

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I know what they are asking for, as I wanted the same during beta testing. They want “Turn off” to be the same as other wired cams except with this cam don’t do the additional Privacy Mode action. Like other wired cams, the cam is still in a semi-active state waiting for a “Turn On” command, but the cam is doing nothing other than acting as a visual deterrent. I’d like Turn Off and Privacy Mode as separate functions. I’m pretty sure we had an existing wishlist asking for this shortly after the CPv3 hit the shelves, but the request may have been canned.

I know what they want too. That wasn’t the question. I was requesting some clarification for a statement within the post. But apparently that is asking too much.

I did check wayyy back for a similar post before making this one… I couldn’t see one.