Cam outdoor temp rating

Could not find any mention of the temp range rating of this cam. Any idea??



A minimum operating temperature of -4F can not be considered acceptable in Minnesota where residents look forward to -4F being the high for the day and call it a heat-wave!

Same goes for Colorado. However, i have researched other way more expensive outdoor cams. They all only go down to -4deg F. I would like to know what happens if the CAM is left ON, and the temp drops to -10F or -20F overnight. Will the CAM die? Or does it come back alive when the temp hits -4F?
I think Wyze should answer this question.

Were they all battery powered? I recall reading once that -4F was the coldest you could go and still get power out of a Li-ion battery.

But I’ve had bad experiences with cold iPhones abruptly shutting down at much warmer than that. (not excluding Android, just never had to use one outside in super cold weather)

Also I think you can only charge Li-ion batteries above 32F. Which may be one reason they don’t want your to leave them permanently plugged in to power while outside…?

Yes, all were battery powered. Charging should not be a problem, since I envision taking the CAM indoors.

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