Cam OG & Cam Pan v3 will not connect with no password or open WiFi

It will not connect with an open WiFi network. What should I do. I am lucky to live remotely and will not use a password for the network.

I am sorry about that, our older cams do connect to open WiFi networks, we are still researching and developing the firmware to allow newer cameras to access open WiFi networks.


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Since these cams will only install to a secured network, one possible solution is to create a Guest Network on your router ONLY for these newer cams. You can give it a really simple PW like “PW” or whatever meets the router’s requirement.

Log into the Guest Network w\ your phone, install the cams, get them streaming, then tell your phone to forget the guest network so it only logs into the open network. All your older cams and IoT gear will remain on the open network as well.

Great Idea. It worked. I now have the cam connected. Thank you

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Awesome! Glad you have it streaming!

Sometimes the cost of better security protocols on the newer cams requires a bit of fancy footwork.