Cam not recording 24 hours

Why isn’t my camera recording for 24 hours around the clock? I need to see nighttime and early morning when we have people trying to open our cars. It used to do it. Also are we automatically switched to Cam + recording and billed automatically ? Thanks.

Are you trying to record to a uSD card or to the cloud?

I’m on the Cloud.

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Then I assume you are subscribed to the paid continuous recording option that Wyze has (going blank on the name right now - not enough caffeine yet this morning). I don’t use that so I can’t help you with that. I have all 19 of my cameras set for continuous record to their uSD cards.

When recording to the cloud with CamPlus (formerly CMC), it does not record 24/7, it only record when motion is detected and it records the entire motion event. If you want to record 24/7 you will need to install a micro SD card in the V@ camera and set it for continuous recording. Then you will be able to go into playback and see recordings for any time.

Thanks, Jason!