Cam for outdoor

What is the best camera to use outdoor ? I have a samsung J9, do you know if there is any compatibility issue.

Nikonos V - hands down the best camera to take In the rain or even deep underwater if you want. Works great :+1:

Assuming you’re asking about the Wyze Cams, the current V2 and pan cams are not officially rated as outside, but many have reported that they have worked reliably outdoor despite high and low temps. Of course, they’re not waterproof so many have placed them under covered porches, or eaves of a roof, or used cases available on Amazon. Poke around, and you should see stories and pics of what others have done. My son uses older Samsung J model Android phone, and the Wyze app works fine for him. Edit to add: an outdoor Wyze cam is in the works, although timeframe has not been annnounced.

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Can’t wait to see the outdoor version of Wyze labs! Thanks

Thanks, I’ll check that one out.