Cam Floodlight questions and thoughts before buying [suggestion?]

I am interested in buying the floodlight camera. However, I have some concerns I am hoping can be cleared up.
I have 3 potential locations to install. However, what is important to me is that I don’t piss off my neighbors, or people walking by on the sidewalk for that matter.

That being said, How much control do we have when it comes to brightness? To be clear, is there a brightness control for LOW and brightness control for HIGH?
Is there a setting that is
or is it limited to
b) OFF > LOW
d) LOW > HIGH (always on - at night)

In an ideal world, the motion detection area settings would trigger LOW and HIGH settings. So for one area, I could have the lights OFF if someone is NEAR the LOW comes on, if someone is CLOSE the HIGH comes on.
This way most of the time my neighbors and walkers only get a little bit of light rather than Headlights and scare them, but if you approach then we light your way / let it be known / you’re on camera!

And to that end, for motion recording, it would only make sense to record the motion that falls within the HIGH zone and not the LOW zone.

Is this possible already, or something that is in the works? Please let me know, I’ve been avoiding buying Floodlights for a long time because of this, but Wyze could finally have a solution.

There isn’t a low/high setting. You can set the brightness at a specific level but even at the lowest setting it’s pretty bright. There is also a bug that the light comes on when you view the camera in the app. I’ve had the light since December and can’t recommend it.