Cam floodlight light flickers

When the floodlight cam light gets triggered by motion, it flickers/strobes when it turns on. Sometimes it stays fully lit, but mostly it continues to flicker. if it stays fully lit, when it turns off it flickers off again, doesn’t just turn off…really annoying!

I have not hooked up the 2 I have yet, but since it is controlled by the v3, you can try the following:

  • Do a restart of he Camera or Power off the light via the switch or circuit breaker for about 10 minutes to allow it settle down. :slight_smile: Then power back up and test again.

  • Occasionally, I do this which seems to correct things - so something simple to try:

    • Start the App and go to the Account Menu
    • Go to App Settings and tap on Clear Cache
    • Go back to the Account Menu scroll to the bottom and log out
    • Since you are an Android User, long press on the App and do a Force Stop
    • then go to Storage and Cache and Clear Cache there.
    • Log back into the app

Note: when you clear cache you thumbnail images will be gone. they will come back when you live stream the camera’s. Also, make sure you know your password to get back into the App.