C Wire in the Air Handler not found

I do not have a C wire going to the thermostat, and do not see a location for it to connect to in the air handler (see pics) How do I figure out which wire is the C wire to connect to. I did try the grey wire but did not work.

wgr wires

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If you only have W,G and R wires, the Wyze thermostat may not be compatible with your system☹️.

Those look to be 110v High Voltage wires which is not compatible. Do you have a picture of the entire board?

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I confirmed with my A/C guy that it is 24V it just has larger wires that connect from the thermostat wires to adapt to the circuit board.

I see it now, thank you. If you’re comfortable you can get the Common off the system transformer. If not, I would ask your hvac guy to assist.

Am I able to connect the blue common wire to something in the air handler and skip using the C adapter from Wyze.? The blue wire is available at both ends. (Thermostat to the Air Handler. )

If the wire is available yes, connect it inside the air handler to the system transformer’s common side.