Buying multiple Pan Cams....Do I need a separate Cam Plus for each?

I have one Pan Cam with Cam Plus. I will be purchasing a few more for the rest of the house. Will I need a separate Cam Plus account for each cam or can I use the one I already have?

In the app, under Services, you should be able to edit which camera get Cam Plus. I have multiple cameras and occasionally change which ones are associated with Cam Plus.

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Sort of depends on your definition of “few” and your needs for monitoring to the cloud.
I’ve a “few” (about 30 V2/V3’s) and only run 2 cam plus licenses. They can be moved between cams IF THE Cams are up to date,
Don’t do what I did - I’ve a cam about 900 miles away, tried to change the license from monthly to annual. Wyze wouldn’t put the license back on because the camera is not with the latest FW.

I’d rather have a camera that works, and to often “upgrading” goes slightly wrong and I’ve had to power cycle.

If you want to use CamPlus on all the cameras simultaneously, the answer is yes you need a license for each. You need a license for every camera you would like to have CamPlus in use.