With Cam Plus: What if one, or more, of my camera fails?

What if I buy Cam Plus for my cameras and one, or more, of the cameras fails. Along with buying another camera(s), do I also need to buy another Cam Plus Subscription(s)?

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Any CamPlus subscription on your account can be assigned to any cam you want. It is not permanently tied to any single device.

The CamPlus Subscription License can only be assigned to one cam at a time, but you have the flexibility within the app to move that subscription license to any other cam you have if\when you need to.

The subscription license lives on if the cam dies and can be reassigned to it’s replacement cam. No need to replace the subscription license also.

You will need to buy a subscription license for each cam. 4 cams = 4 licenses. Sometimes they have special offer bundles. Right now, the unlimited plan is the best deal for anyone with more than 5 cams.


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