Button to exit landscape multi cam view

Hey everyone, I’m loving the recent updates with multiple views. I put an old ipad mounted in a holder landscape, to take advantage of that view. However I found that there’s no back button, and no other way to go back to the main screen without rotating the ipad back to vertical. Which would be easy except my ipad holder is landscape only and I have to unmount it to rotate it back to vertical.

Add a back button please!

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There is a solution to this issue which is why I moved your post to #ask-the-community. The way to back to portrait from multi view (without picking up your iPad) is to tap any camera to go to single-cam view. Then tap the box in the upper right corner that looks like a road intersection to rotate back to portrait. Then you can use the back button twice to get back to the camera/group list.

That said, I find this very annoying too. I keep my iPad in a stand which won’t even let it be put in portrait orientation and still be charging. Please hop over to the link below and vote for it. You need to click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count:

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Thanks for letting me know!

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