Bugs with Pan v3 and ipadOS with v2.38.4.3

on a 12.9" ipad, you cannot edit the pan waypoints. it is off the screen. was the same way on

Works fine on an iphone just not when stretched to ipad size.

Another one is when you are in landscape on an ipad and the pan screen, it is zoomed in to fit the screen instead of showing the whole screen with black bars on the top or side. this cuts off the datestamp at the bottom. less of an issue but just something else I have noticed.


Also, landscape on more than just viewing the cameras would be great, but thats more an annoyance than a bug.

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Here we go again, leave it to Wyze to release a half baked product. Now, there will be another Hot Fix that will fix one issue but brake a few :crazy_face:

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Thanks for the report, I passed it up and Wyze is looking into it. Sorry about that, very inconvenient!


Thanks for the reporting. We are working on this.


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