Bug / Wyze Cam with Google Hub & YouTube

Hello …

I have found a bug when connecting to Google Nest Hub.

My Wyze camera’s have up-to-date firmware.

I have created a ‘home’ on Google Home.

I have added a Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) display, which works perfectly till I add the Wyze Cams.

After adding the Wyze cams and streaming a camera to the Google Hub display - when next playing a YouTube video on the display it appears sideways on with a flickering / flashing screen.

I have tried factory resetting the Google Nest Hub, which resolves the issue until I stream a Wyze cam.

I have tried removing the cameras and unlinking the Wyze account from Google which resolves the problem - until I add the cameras again

Is there a fix for this?

Google / Nest Tech Support have no idea.

My Wyze cams don’t even show on the Google Nest Hub.

Hello Ron ….

I have 5 Wyze cams of various types, 2,3, & pan displaying on my Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation).

First I created a Home on Google Home (iOS App)

Then I added the Google Hub to the Google Home I had created.

Then I linked my Wyze account to Google Home.

Then I assigned the Wyze cameras to rooms in my home

The Wyze cameras then displayed & streamed.

The issue with YouTube I reported may have fixed itself … I’m still testing. UPDATE 8th Dec 21 - I still have the problem

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Same issue.

Wyze cam v3/Nest Hub bundle. We already have 2 v3’s on system adding third today and setup the Nest Hub.

No YouTube video plays without rotation to left 90 degrees, distorted and strobing.

Unlinking Wyze from “Home” (android) App repairs the condition and functionality to YouTube. Like many, I feel sure, I’d rather not be forced to choose.

That is to say “No YouTube video plays without rotating…” on Nest Hub

Hello sco77y …

Google Product support tried to tell me the hub had a faulty screen problem and wanted me to return the hub to the shop that sold it to me.

However, I’ve not done so because it’s clearly a software problem caused by the integration of the Wyze Cams.

I wonder if anyone at Wyze can fix this?

Yeah, that is unlikely that the “screen” is the culprit and a spare will fix us right up. That is an escalation if ever there was such.

I agree. That this is a conflict that will likely be found and corrected in code. I hope it gets noticed and prioritized. It is kinda the IMPLIED REASON WE BOUGHT THE BUNDLE so that the Hub might display Wyze Camera imagery.

All of that is rhetorical for the walls and not directed at you sir Graham. Thank you for sharing your findings.

Same issue I posted on Google Nest Forum: Solved: YouTube plays rotated and flashes/strobes(workarou... - Google Nest Community

After applying the latest Wyze Cam 3 update - I still have the same bug

You can send feedback to Google through the hub itself -

Swipe up from the bottom of the display screen.

And look for feedback