Bug or missing function in Detection Zone setting

When seeing up my PanV2 I noticed a problem in the Detection Zone menu. If you want to move the “home” location on the pan cams this is fine in the Detection Zone menu. This is also where you select which boxes you want detection to function. I found when you select our deselect one if the boxes it causes a Save button to display in the top right corner, which makes sense. But if all you want to do it move the cameras home position a little the same button doesn’t appear. You need to select/deselect at least one box to get the save button to show up to save your new home position. I think the save button should appear as soon as you move the camera.
On another note, why is this where we set that home location? It’s not very intuitive to have that function in this menu. Just my 2 cents.


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I agree. Since moving the FOV is capable in the DZ settings UI, and saving after toggling a box does save that FOV as the new Home, I would like to see a FOV adjustment in the DZ settings activate the Save Button.

But, I don’t think Wyze designed the Home FOV to be set from within the DZ UI. One reason I say this is the popup that appears when trying to move the FOV from within the DZ UI:

Apparently, the way Wyze wants you to set the Home FOV is with the DZ off and from the Live Stream UI. The last position you leave the cam in becomes the new Home Position (provided you aren’t using the Waypoint Scan Feature which creates multiple Home Positions).

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