Latest update, now unable to move set position without it going back to home

Latest update, now unable to move set position without it going back to home. [Mod Edit] Please Fix

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I noticed on all my cameras after the upgrade the detection position changed

In settings/detection, set the camera where you want it then back out quickly.

When you go back in the setting will have been saved.

I had to do this to all my cameras.

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What about just having to position the camera wherever you want it to point without having to set view points, Every time I try to move my camera to where I want it to point, it moves back 10 seconds after where it was originally positioned, it’s like it’s got a mind of it’s own. Why does wyze need to touch things that work? This update reeks! I hope they revert it back to the way it was!!

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After the update on IOS for my Cams ( V2 & Pans ) I have one Pan that will not accept a set position from where it was before update.

10-12 seconds after setting area to detect ( low and left ) it returns to looking up at the sky to the right.

I spent approximately 3hrs trying various methods of night vision on vs off. Reset camera a few times.

I found the issue. It was related to detection zone, something I didn’t have on, no reason too…and yet it was set and was the upper third of the screen view only. ??? Detecting underside of Eve on house?

I turned off detection zone and now camera stays where it should.

I’ll be readjusting sensitivities on Camera tomorrow as I had to turn them to near zero to regain control and will report back if issue arises again.

After updating anything, app or firnware, always always triple check that your settings are where you want them. Sometimes the updating process reverts settings and/or changes them from what you had previous.

Edit/I’ll update my pan in an hour or so when I get home and document the process and see if I can recreate this…
Edit edit/ disregard last. Forgot pan had rtsp on it, don’t want to change it yet.

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Follow up:

I didn’t get Firmware notice update until 10 hrs after it’s release…and for 1st time ever, chose the new feature “Have multiple cameras to update?” I’ve never seen before. I waited 5 mins per camera for that group alone and it didn’t take update on all.

Was this because they are grouped?

Next question: Do you have any idea how many variables in settings a person could attempt to try to get functions back?.. it’s literally millions,

Pan speed?, waypoints removed… I’d have never had thought that an update could enable a feature that’s never been used or needed to cause complete loss of control from a basic camera that was working perfect 5 minutes before.

Statement: I was (thisclose) to just complete wipe reset of camera to see if a reset would restore it. Or if a update bricked it.

Camera is fine now. I’m still a happy customer.

Ive seen the “upgrade multiple cameras” prompt before, its been a feature for a bit.

I just flashed my RTSP Pan to Pan FW then did the upgrade via app to Pan FW a few times. If i kept my screen shots from each firmware straight, each time it deleted my set waypoints, toggled the IR lights, aimed the camera down and played with the detection zone. no matter where i had the camera aimed in #.111, after the upgrade to #.156 the camera tilt function had moved the camera to aim all the way down. I am gonna sleep on it and pick it up again tomorrow when my screen shots dont look all the same when i am a little sleepy. :slight_smile:

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