Buds Pro Cutting Out When Outside

For months my Buds Pro worked great when walking in the morning. Recently they have begun cutting out regularly. They cut out for only a second or so but it happens very regularly. I can wear them inside for hours and they never falter. I have always had my phone in my back pocket and I have tried upside down and even facing in or out in my pocket and it makes no difference, they still cut out. The only way I can get them to work without cutting out when I’m outside is to hold the phone out in front of me. Kind of negates the need for buds that way.

Anyone else had that problem or have any suggestions?



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Tell all your neighbors to quit using Bluetooth for every damned thing? :wink:

Do you have the same distance issues when paired to something other than that phone?

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Are you seeing this everythere? If you try them somewhere away from home, does it also occur? Try deleting them from the app and setting back up if that doesnt work.

I’m not sure. I have a set of over the ear head phones that support bluetooth. I haven’t tried them walking outside but will try that this week to see if they have the same problem.


I’ll try deleting and adding them back next.

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As much as I hate to say it… this happens to me with EVERY set of in ear Bluetooth headphones I own. And I have A LOT. Ranging from entry level to mid-high end.

It never fails I take off on a walk or run and the second I go to stow my phone away, cut out.
I have all 3 sets of Wyze in ear headphones, I get 3 house down put my phone in my pocket and they cut out for a moment.

Just recently got the Nothing 1’s, same thing. Happens with the Echo Buds Gen 2, Galaxy Buds +, Google Buds… all of them.

Forgot to mention I have 16 ears. So yea…


Hmm, a momentary cutout might make sense since Bluetooth Low Energy is designed to sip as little power as possible, so it takes a moment to give up and start increasing the signal when you put the phone further away.

But a permanent failure I would still attribute to interference…

(The above is mere speculation.)

I wanted to follow up with where I am. I have a pair of Soundcore over-the-ear headphones that support Bluetooth so I took them out for a walk outside and the were great - never cut out even once. Then I took the Buds Pro on the same walk with the same phone and everything else the same and they cut out repeatedly.

I started a support chat with Wyze and they had me do all of the standard stuff (that I had tried already) but I did them again. I disconnected the Bluetooth and re-paired the buds, I reset the buds to factory default and then added them to the app and re-paired them again. If anything the cut outs were worse. I think they were just getting progressively worse over the last several weeks. At that point they said they would send me a new pair and got all of my info including a screen shot of the device info page and a copy of the original order.

They were exactly 10 months old so still in the original warrantee. I was disappointed with what happened but pleased with Wyze support. We’ll see what happens with the new buds.

By the way i did not have to return the current buds, just asked me to recycle them.



Thanks Bob, please do let us know how the replacement set behaves.