Bryant 95S evolution ABCD wires Wyze thermostat


I have a Bryant 94s Evolution HVAC system, I struggled for hours to play with It and was looking for insight.

What I’ve done.

I have 2 sets of ABCD wires, one to the thermostat and a second to ?ac compressor?. I took the set that goes to the Thermostat and wired R/G/W/Y/C and put those on the board. The second set which I’m assuming goes to the AC compressor outside I left in the green ABCD plug. I have heat, I can’t tell if the blower is pushing air as It should though. Further more I can not seem to get the AC to kick in and head the fan running, any help would be great !

To get proper help, you should post a picture of both your thermostat wiring showing the letters of the contacts they are connected to, and the same thing on the furnace control board that those wires connect to.

Then maybe someone like @speadie can make sense of that, and offer some suggestions. :slight_smile:

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ABCD wiring is for a communicating system. the user probably needs to tell the system that the thermostat is in standard non-communicating mode with a dipswitch. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave a model or serial number, so I can’t pull up the correct manual to figure out which switch it would be.


I can get you the model number and pictures later today !