Brother in law diagnosed with ALS

my brother in law has been diagnosed with ALS. He will be living at home for as long as possible. We’ve recently purchased an Echo Show 8. Looking for ideas to utilize Wyze products to help the family along this journey. Thanks

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Hi @Reddad ,

For those that do not know, here is some information on ALS:

There are two things that quickly come to mind using Alexa and WYZE products to assist and monitor. You will want to make sure your brother is aware of some of the privacy he is forfeiting to gain your loving assistance.

First, check out the Amazon Drop-in feature.

Second, you can use WYZE cams for viewing. You can view WYZE cams on the Echo Show. Wyze cams could also be shared to your account for easy viewing in the app. With the Echo, this means that your brother could view an area he may not be able to move to be asking the echo to show him. This also means that you could check in on your brother (we have done this with aging parents).

Quick Thoughts:
WYZE plugs could assist with having items or lighting turned on and off on a schedule (humidifier, air purifier, lights, etc.).

A WYZE Robot Vacuum has obvious perks.
A WYZE Thermostat could also offer some assistance.
A WYZE video doorbell and lock set could allow for security and access (caregiver, delivery, etc.).

Hope this helps. Good luck.


Thanks for the great response including the information on the disease. I really appreciate you taking the time. All the best

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