Broken things since last two updates (at minimum)

I am getting REALLY aggravated by these updates that break things I use! I do NOT pay for cam plus (or whatever you’re calling all that now for cloud access and I never will, based on these issues), but I used to be able to view my event pictures in landscape mode and scroll through them that way. Now I can only scroll through the pictures in portrait mode. Those pictures are too small for me to catch details I need to see to know if the event is worth looking into! BRING BACK THE LANDSCAPE MODE scrolling!

Other annoying things broken/not working since the past couple of updates:

It seems to take FOREVER for the pictures for events to appear. I just had my phone with the app up for SEVERAL MINUTES before the pictures of the events appeared. I’d only get icons of the cameras and if I tapped on the icon, I’d get a black screen (and I just updated the app today, but this has been happening since the update prior)

I no longer have the option of tapping an icon for playback when viewing an event picture in landscape mode. Even if I tap Playback, I’m not seeing video in landscape mode. I can hear the sound, but I have a static picture. Apparently, you disabled watching video in landscape mode! This is utterly unacceptable! FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!

When things WERE working in landscape mode, I also noticed that the video playback that would come up was several seconds PAST the time of the event, so I have to spend time futzing around to get the time to match up so I can even see what the event might have been. UNACCEPTABLE!

I’m also more than a little tired of being interrupted with at least TWO message popping up in my way talking about Cam Plus when I need to view an event video from the SD card. GET RID OF THOSE or allow me to turn those messages off! They don’t make me want the service, they make me hate your app and company!

I used to recommend these cameras to everyone, but I don’t know that I will be now if you keep taking away things like this. There is no excuse for this stuff. It makes the cameras almost unusable.

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