Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

It’s a super duper small club of outstanding folks that Wyze awards the see through V2s too (featured user or maybe mod perk). :slight_smile:


Yes, like Omgitstony said, I was lucky enough to win the Community Spotlight award for last month. This month is still open, and recent winners can’t repeat for 6 months!

No need.use painters tape on lens and back grill.

2 hands up to bring back the Black Cam. I have spots where a black one would hide a lot better !

I’d love to see pictures of it.

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I wanted to add 2 more Wyze cameras to my home to match the black ones I have now. The black ones are the best in my opinion. I can not buy now that the black is not available

Any hope of bringing back the Wyze can v2 in black. I want to get more but want in black to match others I have. I am sure this was a popular color and can not understand why black hasn’t come back yet

It’s difficult for us to maintain two colors. It is on the table for coming back and I know it is under discussion. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you so much Gwendolyn for always answering community questions!

Has Wyze done a recent marketing poll for the “Units in Operation” UIO?

I was wondering what the distribution of installed v2 was like:
1. Installed indoors vs outdoors?
2. Kept the original white appearance or did something to modify it?

I myself have all seven v2s wrapped in sold black car vinyl and mounted outside under the roof eaves of my white house hiding in the shadows.


I’d love to be able to purchase black cams.

You’re welcome, @masterep! And I don’t believe we’ve done that recently. I’ll share your poll with the team! :slight_smile:

Hey, folks! I’m moving this one over to researching. We’re not making promises yet but we are looking into this. :slight_smile:


Yesssssss progress. Come back Black !!!

You can paint them today with Plasti Dip without waiting. That’s what I do. Such a light absorber.

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Yes, please bring the black Wyze Cam back!! That would be a YES vote!!

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Black wyze cam please!!! Casting my vote!

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Please bring back version back… ill take 3

Wyze Team, please bring back the black Wyze Cam.

I would pay upfront if y’all need to do a special order. I would probably order 2 Cams and 2 Cam Pans, if made available.