[BREAKING] Wyze Labs Acquires Nests From Google

Seattle, WA (April 1, 2018) – Wyze Labs, Inc., a Seattle based consumer tech startup, today announced the acquisition of nests from Google.com. These nests can hold many different objects, such as eggs, or Wyze Labs’ $19.99 Wyze Cam.

“We searched for ‘buy birds nest’ on Google, and found several options of nests that we could acquire,” said Jessie Zhou, Director of Marketing at Wyze Labs. “We then bought some that we could package up and start selling on April 1st along with a special surprise for our customers.”

The nests will be sold on wyzecam.com for $2.99 with limited supply.

LOL! I’ll take a baker’s dozen … but, can’t find the order page. ?


? ? too funny!!


here you go! https://www.wyzecam.com/product/wyze-nest/

did you get one? :slight_smile:

Surprise surprise. :wink:

Get one! :wink:

Ha didn’t expect to actually be able to order it. Wonder what it’ll be.

“… If you do need a second one, we recommend a $199 alternative on a different website.”


I thought this was an April Fools joke, but when I saw it came from a moderator I decided to play along. I was able to place an order so I am expecting to be surprised . I hope there are no delays in shipping , I expect delivery before my Wyze Cam!

Done! ?

Sold Out! Lol

Glad I was an early adopter, even though it took me >4 hours to realize that it wasn’t really a yoke, I mean joke. Thanks for the “special surprise” by the way! ?


Did everyone guess right? It’s a Wyze Cam v2 for $2.99! We hope you enjoy our little April Fool’s Day surprise! :slight_smile:


Well that is excellent. I wasn’t expecting anything worth anything maybe some swag or a gift or something. This is good news! Thanks Wyze!

I had a hunch it was going to be something good, just didn’t want to regret not placing an order!

Oh my gracious y’all!! This is a trip!!! I was expecting a nest and some sort of WyzeCam swag…so funny that it was a v2! Thank you for a HAPPY April Fools surprise! You guys are fantastic!!



Update : I am getting my Wyze Nest before my original order! I got shipping confirmation with tracking number!