[BREAKING] Wyze Labs Acquires Nests From Google

Me too. Hey, maybe the “nest” that will come with the V2 camera (a.k.a. “special surprise”), assuming we’ll be receiving both a nest AND a surprise, will be woven out of a free 5 ft. extension cord. No? ?

Wow! We are so lucky. Order placed today will still have to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery!

Thanks for having fun with us! If you’ve purchased the Wyze Nest, do snap a photo of your loot and share it here!

Great job Wyze!

What if we actually want the little nest shown in the photo? I am not a player @ $199 for a custom handmade birds nest for my camera but at $2.99 I would buy a couple for the ones I ordered as a fun decoration around the house.

Keep up the great work.

I’m lost? What exactly was this? Anyone have photos of their unboxing of this?

My loot and my original order!

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So for $2.99 you got the nest AND A CAMERA?!

Yes, I bought it not knowing what it was I was getting, no one knew! I thought it was some Wyze Swagze!