Break wishlist down to specific device categories

Now that Wyze has their fingers in many different pies, I believe it would be helpful to begin collating things a little better. Scrolling (and searching) through the various posts is a little haphazard currently.

For example, I have a couple of feature requests for the lock. One of them is the ability to do a manual update to the firmware, rather than a behind the scenes update. A quick search for firmware in the wishlist category brings up 50+ results. Yikes! And I have to read all of the synopses (at a minimum) to figure out if it applies to the lock, or more likely the cameras, but possibly the… You get the idea.

Perhaps there already is a better way to search for the specifics (and I’m sure some helpful soul will point me in the right direction if there is), but it definitely could be easier. And please don’t say boolean search terms…

Anyway, not a rant, just a suggestion.


This has been discussed and may happen at some point. For now, we are gradually adding tags “app”, “integration” and “product” to broadly categorize topics. This is ongoing and I don’t know when it might be complete.

In the mean time, here are some hints for searching… When you have the search window open, in the Advanced section, try checking the box “Matching in title only”. We try to makes the key concepts of all topics are reflected in the title so this should help you greatly reduce the number of results without missing much.

In your example, I’d try searching for “lock firmware” – without the quotes. The search algorithm works like Google in that it is a soft search. It will find variations of those words in any order.

And, of course, make sure you have restricted the category to just #wishlist or #roadmap.

Note that since the lock was just release, there are very few lock posts in #wishlist yet. There are several pending and those won’t get processed until early next week.


I think this is a great idea and you have my vote 100%

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