Bluetooth on Wyze Watch 47

Love my new Wyze watch 47. Great function for the price, but …

For whatever reason, I take the watch off overnight and leave it in the other room. It’s far enough away that Bluetooth disconnects the watch from the phone. In the morning, they insist that I manually reconnect them. Is there a way to force them to reconnect without my going into settings on my iPhone?



After having a Pebble for years that automatically reconnects Bluetooth, I never think about reconnecting the Wyze watch. This is something that I hope they work on soon.

I have the same problem. My Wyze Band never used to do this so hopefully it’s a software issue they can resolve.

This is a MAJOR problem that I have noticed on many of the WYZE products. I love these products, however the Band would not auto reconnect. The Watch is not auto reconnecting. I wanted to use shortcuts on these to turn on/off lights and stuff around the house, but if they are disconnected and will not auto reconnect, the shortcuts will not work. Often, I leave my phone down and walk around the house, causing the bluetooth to disconnect. I shouldn’t have to remember to reconnect the two devices all the time. The scale will not re-connect when its turned on, so the data from it doesn’t get to the phone, unless I do a manual connect and resync.
It should be an easy option to get up, The best product at auto reconnecting are the headphones.

I came to report the same thing. Watch 47 disconnects if I go too far from the phone and never reconnects, despite the app still running. I have to open the app and tap on my watch to force a reconnect. Unfortunately, I don’t know it isn’t connected and end up missing notifications.

Like other people said, I’m a former Pebble user and used to it reconnecting when I’m back near the phone. Is this an unreasonable expectation?

With Wyze yes.