Billing missing in Account

I got this bill to my credit card for Wyze services.
I logged into my Wyze account - and I could not locate any referencing to Billing,
I need to print an invoice for reimbursement.
I went to my Wyze email thinking I could send a note on this issue - no luck.
I attempted to do a Chat, no go.
Thus I come to the community for support.

Log into your account using a browser: (thx Newshound)

In the top right, click on the person in the circle, then My Account.

You will see your subscriptions at the top… Scroll :point_down: Down. You will see Billing and your online payment method. Below that you will see your Billing History. Find the one that was just billed and click VIEW. A PDF invoice will download.


if @SlabSlayer’s link doesn’t work for you, try